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"WizzFest 2015 Souvenir DVD"
Catalogue No: MORD0030
Cost: £10.00
(+ postage & packing)

As in the previous years, WizzFest had been sold out
again several weeks in advance of the event. Get a
taste of yet another storming line-up for WizzFest 2015
featuring 11 great bands performing at the festival's
regular venue in Aalter / Lotenhulle, Belgium on the
21st March 2015.

Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of this sold-out festival with
superb performances from each of the bands, as well as a
special bonus featuring full back-stage interviews of all
of the bands.

  2. ETERNAL BREATH (Belgium) - The Joker
  3. WINTER STORM (UK) - Dark Awakening
  4. VICIOUS NATURE (UK) - Salvation
  5. THE DIFFERENCE (Belgium) - From Beyond the Sun
  6. DIE NO MORE (UK) - Council of War
  7. MOTHERLOAD (UK) - Nothing
  8. TRIAXIS (UK) - Victorious
  9. WIZZ WIZZARD (Belgium) - Tears from the Moon
  10. GUILTY AS CHARGED (Belgium) - Preach to the Masses
  11. COWBOYS & ALIENS (Belgium) - Share the Goods
(running time:92 min)

WizzFest 2015 Souvenir DVD

"WizzFest 2014 Souvenir DVD"
Catalogue No: MORD0029
Cost: £8.00
(+ postage & packing)

With another fantastic line-up of eight bands from the UK
and Belgium, the sixth edition of WizzFest took place at
the festival’s regular venue, Feestzaall Guldensporenplein
in Aalter-Lotenhulle, Belgium on the 22nd March 2014.

Get a taste of the exciting atmosphere of this sold-out
festival with superb performances from each of the bands,
as well as the special bonus featuring back-stage
interviews of the bands.

  1. FLEXANT (Belgium) - What About The Right Things
  2. PATRIARCH (Belgium) - Rage Of Gods
  3. AZYLYA (Belgium) - Woodscape
  4. FANTASIST (UK) - Erase And Replace
  5. BABYLON FIRE (UK) - I Still Remember
  6. FIREFORCE (Belgium) - Fly Arrow Fly
  7. EXIT STATE (UK) - All The Possibilities
  8. SANDSTONE (Northern Ireland) - Leaning On An Arrow
(running time:42 min)

WizzFest 2014 Souvenir DVD

"WizzFest 2013 Souvenir DVD"
Catalogue No: MORD0027
Cost: £10.00
(+ postage & packing)

Another storming line-up for this special 5th anniversary
of WizzFest at the festivals regular venue at Feestzaal
Guldensporenplien in /Aalter, Belgium - featuring 12 great
bands from across Europe.
Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the sold-out festival
with superb performances from each of the bands, as well
as back-stage interviews.

  1. DROP DOWN SMILING (UK) - Put On A Show
  2. MOCKINGBIRD (Ireland) - Movin’ On
  3. BABYLON FIRE (UK) - Darkness Draws Me In
  4. REIGN OF FURY (UK) - The Hound
  5. ELMSFIRE (Germany) - Stormchild
  6. GARAGEDAYS (Austria) - Scars Of Life
  7. 4BITTEN (Greece) - Games U Play
  8. OSTROGOTH (Belgium) - Full Moon’s Eyes
  9. WIZZ WIZZARD (Belgium) - The Wolf
  10. TRIAXIS (UK) - Lies
  11. SHADOWKEEP (UK) - Incisor
  12. ABSOLVA (UK) - Flames Of Justice
(running time:95 min)

WizzFest 2013 Souvenir DVD

"WizzFest 2012 Souvenir DVD"
Catalogue No: MORD0026
Cost: £8.00
(+ postage & packing)

Experience the performances of the bands from the UK
and Belgium that made up the line up of WizzFest 2012.
The festival was sold out several weeks in advance, so
the bands played their sets to a capacity crowd. Enjoy
the great atmosphere of the festival with superb
performances from each of the bands.

  1. SCUTIGERA - Fearless
  2. ETERNAL BREATH - Endless War
  3. ASSIA - Children Of Rock And Roll
  4. ZIYOZ - The Master Of Sin
  5. FANTASIST - Thump
  6. SNAKE EYES - The Ghost Of Cortachy
  7. WIZZARD - Demons And Bad Witches
  8. BEYOND THE LABYRINTH - Fear’s The Killer
  9. CHAOS ASYLUM - The Storm
  10. ATTICA RAGE - Back To The Old School
(running time:47 min)

WizzFest 2012 Souvenir DVD

"WizzFest 2011 Souvenir DVD"
Catalogue No: MORD0022
Cost: £8.00
(+ postage & packing)

Another storming line-up for this year’s festival at the
Feestzaal Guldensporenplien in Aalter, Belgium - with 10
bands from Britain, Holland and Belgium and headlining
Blaze Bayley! Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the
festival with superb performances from each of the

  1. SPOONEYE - Thousand Night Stand
  2. LIME SHARK - Three Ways From Sunday
  3. VISITOR - Mindlock
  4. EXIT STATE - Black Veins
  5. CAMBION - Salem
  6. WIZZARD - Vampires In The Valley
  7. NIGHTVISION - Words Like Bullets
  8. LOST INSANITY - Feels Like Home
  9. FURY UK - Fall From Grace
  10. BLAZE BAYLEY - City Of Bones
(running time:54 min)

WizzFest 2011 Souvenir DVD

"WizzFest 2010 Souvenir DVD"
Catalogue No: MORD0013
Cost: £8.00
(+ postage & packing)

With rock and metal acts from Belgium, the Netherlands,
the United Kingdom and France, WizzFest 2010 saw 10
bands perform on stage at the Feestzaal
Guldensporenplein in Aalter, Belgium. Share some of
the excitement of the festival by watching and
listening to performances from each of the bands
that appeared at the event on the 20th February 2010.

  1. LOST INSANITY (Netherlands)
  2. THE BECKONING SILENCE (United Kingdom)
  3. CAMBION (United Kingdom)
  4. NIGHTVISION (United Kingdom)
  5. MARLYN’S (France)
  6. CEREMONY OF OPPOSITES (Netherlands)
  7. MOTORGASM (Belgium)
  8. NACOMA (Belgium)
  9. FURY UK (United Kingdom)
  10. WIZZARD (Belgium)
(running time:43 min)

WizzFest 2010 Souvenir DVD

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